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In order to properly condition your hair, you need to undertake regular hair brushing. It is also excellent for scalp massage and basically maintaining your hair. In this article we will provide the best hair brush information you need. We will provide a quick overview and some best hair brush recommendations. Sit back and read this page to the end, you will be glad you did.

First of all it is important to keep in mind that hairbrushes are not created the same. There are those that are for very thin and fine hair, those that whips up lather quickly and there are those meant ideally for hygienic purposes. The latter normally come with a handle and have a lower and upper portion and a head.

Furthermore, you can get some that can function as a 3 different hair care product and you can also choose to buy one that has a massaging wooden feature for massage scalping after detangling the hair. So in essence, Whether you are looking for a hair brush for detangling, grooming, blow-drying or styling, there is at least one made just for you.

The big question however is, How do you know which hair brush is the right one for you? After all you need to be sure or else you might cause some terrible damage to your hair or scalp. Say for example, you go and buy a natural hair brush that has the bristles rough and too thick, there is no way the condition of your hair will improve after using it. You need to buy one that is good enough for you and one that help you style your hair the way you like it while preserving its richness and health.

Now let us go over some of the features you should look for when buying a hair brush. Note that these are not the only options available out there but these features are enough to get you going.

You can decide to buy one with a  handy size bristle and nylon, which comes with six rings of stiff bristle and nylon mixed tufts. There are those that are firm at the base and softer at the tip like the pony hair brush,  one that can absorb heat for rapid styling and drying. The latter normally have aluminum barrel nylon bristle rounders to enable it to perform at its best. If you want to give a curl and definition to your hair style, then you can buy yourself a round one.

There is more. You can also find some, which have a flexible base plate made of a plastic material, one with a wooden handle, rubber pad and metal pins, one with an extended vinyl coated built up handle. You can also find men's hair brush such as a rectangular Men's Hair Brush with Handle and an oval Fine/Medium Hair White Bristle Brush.

Rotating hair brush

You can buy yourself a very nice rotating hair brush, which normally have a number of divers between some of the rows of bristles. These dividers are used to prevent hair from being tangled in the bristles. You can buy these from Brookstone.

Military hair brush  

These are usually made with natural bristles and are hygienic and durable.  Examples include, DIANE Imported Pure Bristle Professional Military Hair Brush, Mason Pearson Extra Small Military and the Junior Military Hair Brush.

Other options to consider

Well, there are a number of these products available out there but below we provide a list that you can use to get you going in your quest for finding one suitable for you.

Check out the  Helen Of Troy Hot Air 1 5 Rotate Brush, the China Boars  and China hair brush with silica gel Handle or a handmade men's hair brush & Comb Set. There is also the Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Bristle/Nylon, Vintage Pure-Bristle Tortoiseshell, Kolinsky sable  or the vintage Stanley Hair brush.

Clean hair brush 

Most people spend a lot of time searching for the best hair brush, to use it to look their best but they forget that it needs to be well maintained especially because It does not take long for a new brush or comb to look old. You can clean a hair brush by buying bottles that are specially made to help dissolve all the residue and build up. You can also use warm water (55 degrees Celsius) and liquid soap. Soak the brush in the water for some few minutes.

If you do not have time for all this, you can buy the best hair brush that comes with a cleaning feature that can be attached to the brush. You can look for these at Health and Beauty supplies stores.




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