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This article will provide you with useful information about wall paints. I am aware that you probably have some previously acquired knowledge as you read this page hence my calling it additional or more information about wall paint. Take some time to go through the whole page and I am sure you will learn a thing or two and be in a position to buy exactly what you like at a very good price online. If you are looking for good room wall paint ideas for a modern/ retro room, then read on below.

When you decide to use wall paint, you usually have two intensions in mind. For one, you may be thinking about its functionality i.e. to cover some blemishes or older paint and secondly you may be thinking about it from a decorative angle. Either way, it is important to choose the right one that will deliver on its functionality while suiting your taste well.

Understanding the ins and outs of remodeling can be an important tool in your home improvement crusade. For example, How to Tell Whether Wall Paint Is Latex or Oil?, what do you do when the paint bubbles up with fuzzy stuff under it and falls off the walls? . My point is, to get the best results you need to know a bit more. After all the best wall paint can do wonders to boost your spirit, give warmth and enhance the look and feel of your home. Getting it wrong can most certainly be a disaster that you would have to live with for years.

So what wall paint ideas are available?

There are many ideas and designs that can be presented in this page but the limited page will not allow it. Gloss paint is the recommended type for painting your walls. It makes it possible for your walls to be washable for ease decontamination. The bad thing about a glossy one is that it can reveal bumps and dips more than the other types. However, its strong point is that it is washable unlike the other ones. Ordinarily, wall paint for standard rooms comes in matt or satin or even silk finishes. You can use the matt on mineral and organic surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard and wallpaper.

While on this, let me say that do consider Bioshield because it offers solvent-free wall paint that is less durable but has richer earth tones.  Bio paints are natural and non-toxic and are also great for interior surfaces. Do not use wall paint for painting a porch or floor as they are made with a chemical that is specifically formulated to suite walls. For the basement, use specifically manufactured basement wall paint that contains the anti-microbial agent Microban. This has is a high quality waterproof and mildew resistant paint.

What to Look for exactly

You should consider newer alternative wall paint that provides low VOC content, bacteria protection, can be easily scrubbed, high hiding and mold and mildew. Some made today react to temperature changes, are magnetic (allowing you to decorate a painted surface magnetically) and some even changes color. For example, Eclipse is making such color-changing paints.

Try the Ceramic one - it has a low VOC with some additional durability benefits. If you want something blue, check out the taubmans interior one. Some additional idea include, a solvent-free that goes well in all coatable surfaces and in high traffic areas. Use latex for interior walls - this will preserve it for some time even when exposed to sunlight. You can but the Latex in satin finish or eggshell finish. if you plan to scrape or sand it, you must first make sure your wall paint is lead-free.

You can brighten up your room with some great wall paint designs and ideas. You can change the look and feel of your room with textured wall paint. This gives any room a great appearance because of its textured appearance. You can buy textured wall paint by Metolius at

Some few wall paint examples you should go check out include, Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore, Aglaia, which can be used in a living room, Rocomatt, Kem-Tone Wall Finish, Spektra and Holzweg Casein. Check these out at Rubber Ducky Records, Amazon or compare their prices at Nextag or Bizrate. You can also read some exterior paint advice provided by Behr.




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