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Are you looking to find someone or people free through the web? Do you want to find info on people? A friend maybe, an ex lover, a relative, a colleague or are you in what we call a classmate search? We will assist by giving you a few tips on how you can go about searching for a person free online i.e. without paying anything.

First it is important to accept the probability that your person of interest does not use the internet and his or her address is therefore not listed any online.

The probability to find info on people varies by country e.g. If you are looking for someone living in a country where internet reach is very low then you might not find the person's details online but if you are talking about countries like the US, then you stand a better chance.

. Make notes about the person you want to find, more like a profile about hobbies, names, interests, friends, relatives, organization worked for, nicknames, schools attended if you want to do a classmate search and more. This will come in handy when trying different option during your search. You can develop the profile as you remember other staff.

. Search blogs - blogging is one of the fastest growing activities online. The fact that it is generally free and simple to use is enabling most people, no matter the level of web expertise, to own a blog and post personal info online. Technorati is one search engine that you can use to search for blogs and hopefully find someone you are looking for.

. Use the info you have about the person to do a reverse look up. For example, if you have a phone number, try entering it into Google and see what turns up or if you have an email enter the email exactly as it is on the search bar.

. Use free people search on white pages - What these free pages allow you to do is to search for someone using various methods like 'city and state" searches and more. Although it is rare to find someone being the only one with a surname but you can try look it up especially if you know that it's not a common surname.

. If it seems impossible to find the info about your person of interest then try a mutual contact - a friend of a friend as they say. Think about people that might know this person and are more likely to be listed somewhere on the web. These mutual contacts may be able to give you some info about the person you are looking for.

. If you know the previous address of the person, try contacting the people living there now, they may be able to help. You can also try the neighbors, they are usually very helpful.

. If you went to school with this person, or you know the name of the school, try looking up for some records on their website and then trace all listed addresses listed. You can also try

. There are other numerous to use public sources that you can use to find the person's address free. These free public sources include state and local public records. Try Skipease.

. Find info on previous correspondence email contacts. You might be surprised to find that the person still uses the same email address.

. Free to use search engines like Yahoo and Google offer great people finder tools. Using the profile you created earlier can make things a lot easier and more targeted i.e. you stand a better chance of finding the person's address by weeding out unwanted option s in the advanced search categories of the people finder tools.

. Make yourself findable; if you can't find the person you are looking for try making yourself available and easy to be found online. It might be possible the same person is also looking for you. Try setting up a blog, participating in forums and anywhere else where you can provide your profile. You can also mention this person's name and surname (or any unique message) so that incase the person "Googles" himself or herself up, will land on your page. Be careful with the latter though , not everyone would like to be found through the net so rather just post your profile and let the person come to you.

. find contact info: Look for people or person's contact info on these websites, Da Plus, Zaba search, ZoomInfo, myspace, friendster, FaceBook, Linkedin, You should also try Wink, which is a free people search engine that searches about more than 150 million profiles. This site is one of the largest and one stop free people search for finding people on social network sites.

. Use Google search operators: bphonebook: this will search a business listing, rphonebook: this will search residential listings, phonebook; this will search all phone listings.

Lastly, while you try to find contact info or to find info on people please respect other people's privacy, before you dig any deeper, remember to acknowledge the fact that this person might not want you to find him or her.

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