Musical Keyboard Review

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This article will provide you with some key information pertaining to the instrument known as a musical keyboard. Although this is not a lesson about how to play it but whether you are just starting out or are an expert and are looking for one to buy, then this piece of information will be well worth your read. So sit back and take a few minutes to go over this page. This will also be useful if you want to know what sort of musical keyboard and/or software and/or book is good for a beginner who can carry a tune but cannot read music..

For starters , I want to share my own experience about playing one. Just bare with me as I will get in to more facts and figures later on in the page.

When I started learning how to play I was only 15 years, back in high school. I learnt it the "street wise" way, i.e. I never really got a teacher to sit me down and walk me through the basics like learning what each button meant, what a chord was, notes, transpositions and all the jazz.

I learn it per song. I mean I got a friend to give me the very very basics of playing and from there I started playing easy songs on my stereo and would then try to pick the keyboard sounds and replicate them. It was a long and trying process but because I was so eager to play a musical keyboard, continuing with vigor was no sweat.

Yes, learning to play a musical keyboard is a long life commitment but it does not have to be stressful. In fact it is fun and is a very satisfying hobby - at least that is what I think. So as you get better in your playing, you will start to develop your own "hand-writing", your own style and feel.

What to look for in a musical keyboard?

If you want to buy yourself one of these great pieces of musical equipment or you want a musical keyboard for your children or kids, then let me give you a quick overview of what is available in the market.

First of, a musical keyboard has a number of keys that are arranged and marked for generating sounds or tones of a twelve tone scale. You find some with 61 or 74 keys, 100 to 1000 tones that includes orchestral sounds, synthesized sound , 100 rhythms, a microphone, hands-free headset microphone or front mic input and one that features an LCD-screen musical information display system.


The above list is based on the core features that you are most likely to find. However, there are some additional ones. These include, a musical keyboard that has some fun light-up buttons and beautifully illustrated note book with turning pages, keyboard stand, USB, with stool, musical keyboard and/or MIDI interface to connect it to your PC,  one that displays score and lyrics and comes with some demo songs.

In these day and age, you can download a virtual musical keyboard online. For example, there is an online keyboard (which you do not need to download) that has about 20 professional sound banks. You can also get some that look like a regular computer keyboard. Of course some professional musicians are still skeptical about these new musical keyboard offerings, however, filmmakers seem to be adopting them just fine.


Where to buy a musical keyboard online

From Korg keyboards, to Techniques, Yamaha and Casio, you can find your best choice at a great price online. For example, you can buy yourself the "Yamaha" Portable Musical Keyboard, Casio LK-100 61-Key Lighted or the  Casio CTK720. IN order to ensure that you find one at a great price and very good quality, start by visiting some price comparison sites to compare different prices and product quality/offering available today. You can go to Amazon,  Circuit city, Nextag, or

If you are on a very tight budget, then do consider buying a second hand or used musical keyboard.




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