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This short article will discuss Christian power praying. I am going to share some simple insights into this great subject and at the end I make one or two recommendations on how to engage yourself in power praying. Whether you are a woman, man, husband, wife or teenager, do take some time to go through this quick overview. It might just be the start you needed to set you on the path that God has called you to. You can also Click Here! to read about answered prayer testimonials from people like you

Praying is something that every man should be doing, much like eating. The more you eat the more you get nourished and healthy. In the same way power praying strengthens the spirit man and enables one to be more sensitive to the things of God.

When disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. He taught them what today is knows as the Lord's prayer. In it he highlights the need to recognize God as the father and that His name should be hallowed. Then He taught them to confess some few things and all. We all know how it goes till the end.

Now power praying is not much different only that it exerts some additional force in it. This could be in terms of faith, aggressiveness during the prayer with a spirit of declaration and boldness.

Essentially power praying is not just like when you pray for food just before you eat or at night just before you sleep. In most instances Power prayer comes when there is a strong need in someone's life. It might be a spiritual or physical attack that needs to be wade off or any other problem that seems to engulf ones life.

It is when you forget protocol like King David in the bible and start praying like you are crazy. Just like the woman in the temple whom the Prophet Eli declared drunk. Power praying comes when you have tried everything and realize that your physical abilities have reached their limits and all you can do it pray.

When you engage in power prayer, you simply get in to warfare. You pray like crazy and most often you do not even know what you are praying for. Most often you get overtaken by your spirit and start praying in tongues. You might not know what you are praying for but trust God, you are praying for something and an answer for your prayer is on the way.

Now to have a power praying woman or power praying husband and teenager is a major blessing. This is because you are assured of spiritual protection against any of the enemy's attack.

You too can become a power praying wife or husband, you can become a power praying teenager. All you need to do is allow the Holy Spirit to teach you how to pray. Also, do empower yourself by investing in some reading material about prayer. There are a lot of great books, CDs and DVDs on this subject. Find one or two and start on your power praying endeavor. May the good Lord be with you as you earnestly desire to develop your prayer life.

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