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Here is a great subject to consider, sex before marriage. In this article I discuss this interesting subject and provide some of our view on the subject matter. Of course these are not cast in stone but do consider them carefully as you read through this article.

Young people today are finding it hard to abstain because of various reasons. For starters there is a huge moral decay in society. The value of preserving one's self till marriage is slowly getting extinct. Parents no longer talk about it, schools have also become lenient and some laws in other parts of the world are slack and in fact encourages this (not necessarily directly).

In all this, I would like to share my own thoughts about the subject. Let me start by declaring my interests first. I am a born again Christian who is just about to get married and I think sex before marriage is wrong. Below I present some of my few thoughts on why I am totally against this act.

First of all, I believe that sex was created by God to be enjoyed by both a husband and a wife. It was not meant to be commercialized nor practiced out of wedlock. Sex is good but sex before marriage is not only destructive but it is a sin against God.

Why do I say it is destructive. For one, it creates lack of trust. This might not be evident in the beginning of a relationship but as it develops, you would start wondering whether your partner is having sex somewhere else. I mean if he or she was able to just do it with you, then what should stop her from just doing it with some one else.

Secondly it is selfish. Most often people who engage in sex before marriage are out to satisfy themselves more than their partners. This is not always trust but think about this for a second, why would one have a one night stand? Is it about satisfying the other partner or is simply to gratify self sexual desires. This generally creates a spirit of selfishness and less of giving and caring.

Thirdly, sex before marriage spoils the excitement of having sex with your spouse when you are married. Say one of you has had sex before marriage and the other is a virgin, how do you think the virgin would feel like? Probably will feel some pressure to perform and not disappoint. But if both partners are ignorant about sex, learning and experimenting together will be much fun.

Another reason why I think abstinence is better than sex is that it is prevents one from catching STDs and even HIV. Yes there are other ways to catch the latter disease but we all know that the leading factor in the spread of the disease is unprotected sex. Now I think it is better not to have sex unless you are married and bother know your HIV status.

Sex before marriage is just that, sex! While I believe doing it within the bounds of a marriage it becomes making love. Why would you make love with a stranger or someone you do not even intend to spend the rest of your life with. What would be the purpose of creating that eternal bond between the two of you? I do not mean to say that I condone having it if you will eventually get married. In this regard I say the Bible is clear about this and if nothing else then at least respect God's wishes. Mind you, it is not to punish you but it is ideally for your won sake. Think of a child who wants to eat a full mill at 6 months, what would happen to him or her? Isn't the food consumable? Think about this questions and I am sure you will understand why God is against sex before marriage.





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