Finding The Best Shower Cap To Protect Your Hairdo

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Ideally a shower cap is used to protect hair from becoming wet while taking a bath. Some may even use it to protect hair against the rain. It is the best option next to using a clumsy piece of plastic on your head.

What ever the case, shower caps need not be a boring or clumsy piece of item. You can buy yourself an elegant one that will make you look beautiful even when taking a shower. You must really consider keeping the water out of your hair with style.

It is important to choose the right one for you both functionally and appearance wise. Some shower caps do not protect your hairdo because of their make. This can be a nightmare especially when you intend to keep the hairdo for a special occasion. Buying the wrong one can also be a problem to those who have thick hair which takes a long time to dry if water happened to leak through to the hair.

In terms of style, I recommend that you buy something that reflects your style and personality. Do not just got with what ever you come across. If you are proud of who you are and what you are, then let it show in every way. If you are buying a children's shower cap then make sure it is what they will love.

For example, if you love animals then buy an animal print shower cap. You can choose from a wide variety, depending on which animals you prefer. These range from Pigs, Cat, Frog, Puppy, Dog, gold Fish and more. You can also buy one with cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse. Also look up the Orange, water resistant shower cap that, when worn, looks like the head of a dog.

Other options that would reflect personal style and taste include, one with tiny roses all over it, purple one with some cartoon pictures (cartoon bear or what ever you prefer), one with flamingo and palm tree design, pink Organza shower cap with a black bow and sequined heart.

On the functional and fabric side, you can buy yourself one that keeps your tresses tucked away from moisture.  These are available with different features and fabrics such as those made with clear vinyl and are trimmed in orange, pink or brown satin, lined with 100%PVC with elasticized opening, made of waterproof netting like the Raspberry Berret Shower cap, with elastic strap suspension device, some that feature a ruffled lace trim, and some come with double Lace.

In terms of the fabric check out the prominent ones like those made with  100% polyester, Clear polythene, Satin, nylon net, cotton waffle that is fully lined with plastic and a micro fiber shower cap.

 Some few examples to look out for include the Luxrite, Hello Kitty, Bouffant, ChocoCat and a Cosmetics Bathina Shower Cap.  The latter is a water-proof satin on the outside, and a plastic on the inside.




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